Monday, April 1, 2013


This one has a funny story. One of my friends made a post on Facebook about how he hated having to write an assignment in iambic pentameter. The post itself was written in iambic pentameter. It was a challenge I could not refuse, so I wrote this in response.

This challenge is one that I must accept.
At poetry I think myself quite skilled.
With words and syllables I'm quite adept.
I cannot let this chance go unfulfilled.

The only poetry that I can write
Is that which does refer to poetry.
The theme is starting to feel rather trite.
I guess that's just a curse of being me.

There really are things that I should go do.
I do not have the time to make these rhymes.
And, judging by your status, so do you.
Perhaps we could do this again sometime.

If you have homework, you should get right on it
Instead of wasting time and reading sonnets.

Sorry about the font. I might fix it some day.

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