Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Crown of Chaos 9 - Music

I'm really, really, very super tired
But as they say, the show, it must go on
I'll simply make the least effort required,
So now I guess I'll talk about some songs.

I'd say my fav'rite art, without a doubt
Is music, far surpassing poetry
For all we poets ever do is pout
Musicians master complex harmony.

My song collection's mostly soundtrack based
From games I've watched and anime I've played
Like ev'ryone, I think that my own taste
Is great enough that it should be conveyed.

Perhaps this use of time is not the best.
These sonnets must continue, nonetheless.

NOTE: The lack of rigor in the second half of the first quatrain (“effort” is incorrectly accented, “songs” only half-rhymes) is intentional, indicative of my lack of effort. Because I'm 3 meta.

(The next sonnet can be found here).

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