Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Crown of Chaos 3 - Picking a Topic

But I can't let this crown go incomplete
So I must choose its contents rather quick
Each sonnet's topic cannot be discrete
Uniting all the poems is the trick.

So what shall be my unifying theme?
It must be something that I know quite well.
It would not do if I ran out of steam
Before I finished all I had to tell.

Perhaps I'll write these poems about me
(reflexive pronouns are a bitch to rhyme)
If that is what my topic is to be
I feel that I should stop wasting your time.

I said I'll do this, and that is no lie
I do not want to be that kind of guy

Notes: Reflexive pronouns are pronouns used when the subject and object are the same thing, e.g. He pooped himself (interestingly enough, this seems to be the only context in which the verb "to poop" is transitive). They are indeed a bitch to rhyme.

There are a couple discrepancies when it comes to syllable stress. Deal with it.

(The next sonnet can be found here)

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