Wednesday, March 13, 2013


When is it that I'm at my “Thomasest”?
When is it that I feel that I'm most “me”?
This question: in my mind it does persist.
Inspired by a certain amputee.

But I believe this question does mislead.
No person is defined by just one act.
There is no single trait that supersedes.
One can't reduce a person to a fact.

No person acts the same way all the time.
We all adapt our personality.
The “me” that maths is not the me that rhymes.
All people share this commonality.

Sometimes I do not think myself to be
A single, undivided entity.

The "amputee" mentioned is Emi, from Katawa Shoujo, which I've mentioned in my other blog, if you care to know more. It should be the post about video games of 2012. Also, congratulations on learning my name, internet stalkers.

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